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On Reflection - great food

Tameside Reporter

Having enjoyed a particularly tasty prawn cocktail to start, plus tested the puree of two soups, the desert arrived in the shape of a simply exquisite Baileys infused cheesecake. The secret to success
here being that you can taste the Baileys!

Wrapped up with tea or coffee to finish.

Reflections menus change regularly and are compiled to reflect current trends in the industry.

To enhance your dining experience and compliment your meal further, a range of red, white and rose wines are all available at seriously competitive prices.

The ambience is further enhanced by a tastefully appointed dining and bar area which again reflects current trends, while the service is simply second-to-none, being constantly prompt and attentive.

All diners are asked for feedback too following their meal, although all the comments are only ever highly positive and Jane said she would definitely be back!

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